Callala Bay
Environmental Protection

Callala Bay

Sealark is in the process of planning for the construction and sale of a new residential development at Callala Bay. The site is a natural extension to the village and is located north of Emmett Street, east of Callala Beach Road and west of the current residential area.

A Planning Proposal was lodged with Shoalhaven City Council in 2014, which proposed 38Ha of residential development, 9Ha of public reserves and 519Ha of conservation land.

Significant planning work was completed by Sealark and Shoalhaven City Council with respect to the application between 2015 and 2021.

On 13 December 2021, the NSW Minister for Planning wrote to Shoalhaven City Council to advise that the Minister had determined that the Planning Proposal was “a matter of state and regional significance” and that the Secretary of the Department of Planning had become the authority for the Sealark development. A detailed report on this change was presented by Council staff to the elected Council on 7 February 2022. This report is available on the Council website.

Detailed reports supporting the Planning Proposal were publicly exhibited by the Department of Planning and Environment from 14 April 2022 until 20 June 2022. A full library of the documents supporting the Planning Proposal can be found HERE.

After detailed consideration of the public and government agency submissions, the Department of Planning and Environment “notified” the rezoning on 14 October 2022.

Additional planning work is now being completed to bring the residential area to completion.

Sealark’s policy is to deliver a minimum of 10% of the dwellings in its major development sites as “affordable housing” in conjunction with a Tier 1 Community Housing Provider. This will result in a total of approximately 38 new “affordable homes” being delivered to assist with the housing crisis in the Shoalhaven.

It is expected that construction and sales of the first land release will occur around 2025 and may take approximately 10 years to complete.